Gentle Nourish Yoga Flow

This class starts off with a gentle, anxiety-easing meditation and some easy hip and upper body openers. We work our way into some slow and steady sun salutations. We don’t spend much time standing, and get into some relaxing supine twists and seated forward folds. We finish off with some pilates-inspired hip, thigh and glute…

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Cool It Down

Join me during the “Cool It Down” portion of this 2-part sequence. You can begin here if you’re looking for a short, breezy sequence. We’ll start off on the ground opening up the side-body and shoulders. Then we’ll get into some deep leg stretches with straps. I’ll show you the affectionately named “banana” pose (more…

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Move it, Use it

Join me during the “Move It, Use It” portion of this 2-part sequence. We’ll start off with some shoulder warm-ups to get us ready for some blood-pumping sun salutations.

These will get the arms and legs working (especially with some lunges thrown in the mix.) I also break down downward dog so you can find the perfect variation for you!

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