Practice with Me

Book a private movement or culinary therapy class

Private Movement Class (One Hour) – $30
4 Class Pass – $100

  • Privately catered for your mind/body/spiritual needs
  • An infusion of yoga, flow-based movement, hula hoop (if you desire), Pilates and LIIT (low impact interval training)
  • Work towards your wellness goals with someone to be accountable to
  • A friendly one-on-one experience with as little or as much pressure as you need to get into the flow
  • Can be a Nourish, Flow, or Restorative style class (see below for descriptions)

Private Culinary Therapy/Whole Foods Cooking Class + Consultation (2 Hours) – $75
4 Class Pass – $200

  • I’ll be with you the whole way to answer any of your questions, personalized step-by-step coaching
  • 1 Hour Private Cooking Class
  • 1 Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation
  • Pantry tour of healthy food swaps
  • An awesome, personally-catered meal for your psychological and dietary needs
  • A PDF of the recipe to keep!

Mix and Match! 2 hours of movement classes + 2 hours of cooking classes – $150

Due to COVID-19 all of my private sessions will be offered on Zoom. You can feel free to record the class and save it for future use.

If these prices aren’t within your range and you are interested in private lessons with me, please use the form below and we can establish a sliding scale price that fits for you.

Email me using the form below to schedule and pay:

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I often host bite-sized, free live classes on Facebook and Instagram!
Make sure to like either for announcements on when they’re taking place.

I offer a variety of styles and intensity levels for private and group yoga. All of my classes have my unique, intuitive flair and we will never do the same class twice. Below are the three main styles:


A slower, inner-exploratory class. Gentle movements awaken the spine and stretch major muscle groups. I take the juiciest parts from all of the different styles I’ve practiced over the years and blend a feel-good fusion that is deep, yet subtle. We will also work with pranayama, which translates to ‘regulation of life force energy’ to boost the immune system, strengthen the respiratory system and dissipate tension in the mind, body and spirit.

Click HERE for an example.


A blend of vinyasa, kundalini and ashtanga inspired movement to get your blood pumping. We’ll work through sequences that enliven your heart rate and focus on strengthening various muscle groups. These classes peak with a fun exploration of poses that can be catered to your individual edge. I encourage you to let go of expectations, get sweaty and play. We finish off with a few deep, restorative postures and a short guided meditation.

Click HERE for an example.


A deep, deliciously easy and nurturing class. We will work with a variety of props along with gravity to create alignment and release rigidity in the body. I will guide you through a relaxing meditation that takes you to a place of serenity and calm. This class is perfect for people who are dealing with pain, injury, anxiety or just need some space to relax and unwind.

Click HERE for an example.

*I can also offer healing touch, aromatherapy and reiki during any in-person classes.

Culinary Therapy

Join me on Facebook Live to cook dinner together and try it out!

We will always make vibrant, plant-central dishes that serve 2-4. I will provide the list of ingredients a few days prior to the scheduled cooking lesson.

I offer culinary therapy, cooking classes and conscious kitchen workshops. I’m certified as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor by the Narayana Ayurveda + Yoga Academy in San Diego. I’ve also worked in restaurant kitchens as a cook and manager for over 10 years.

I’ve learned that spices and herbs are elixirs for health and incorporate my knowledge of food as medicine into all of my cooking. I like to make vegetables the star of my recipes although I think a variety of proteins (plant-based and not) are important in every meal. I also love to use fermentation to infuse probiotics in all of my dishes and drinks.


“Rae is always fun, lighthearted and moves at a comfortable pace. She’ll customize the class to your needs and offer alternatives throughout the session. You can tell Rae loves what she does and her enthusiasm for the practice shines through!” – Sarah E.

“Rae is an absolute gem. She brings bright enthusiasm, love and insight into our practice together. She is kind, gentle and offers alternatives for those with limited mobility. One of the things that I love about Rae as an instructor is her authenticity, she constantly reminds us that all bodies are different and do different things and so I never feel put down or embarrassed about my abilities in yoga. I’m warmed to see how caring she is with her students, her own body, and her animals that pop up in her videos.” – Heather B.

“I have known Rae since 2004. She inspired me then to embrace fun and the unknown. Today she is teaching me to lean into it through movement. She blends many styles of yoga, prompting through a seamless session. A beautiful, down to earth, kind and adventurous Spirit, it is a privilege to learn from a friend. She leads with care surrounded by being centered and present.” – Melissa P.

“Rae is a wonderful instructor, very professional and helpful. she is challenging ,accommodating and encourages you to do your best for what your body needs.I usually struggle during Yoga classes and time just stops for me, however I didn’t notice how an hour passed doing flow yoga with Rae, she is simply amazing. Her experience and knowledge of yoga practice makes her one of a kind. you just need to stop reading this review and try it yourself, you won’t regret it.” – Ashkan J.

Rae completed her first teacher training in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha styles with The Yoga Sanctuary in 2019. (200 hrs)

She is currently completing her advanced teacher training with Yogaspace. (300 hrs)

Rae also became certified as an Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner from Narayana Ayurveda and Yoga Academy in 2013. (500 hrs)

She is also certified as a Level 2 Reiki practitioner from The Rock Store.