• Gentle Nourish Yoga Flow
    This class starts off with a gentle, anxiety-easing meditation and some easy hip and upper…
  • All-Over Vinyasa Flow (45 Min)
    We start off this class with some pilates-inspired floor work, strengthening the glutes and hips. We’ll ease into some side-body openers, spinal warm-ups and work our way into a somewhat spicy vinyasa-style flow.
  • Cool It Down
    Join me during the “Cool It Down” portion of this 2-part sequence. You can begin…
  • Move it, Use it
    Join me during the “Move It, Use It” portion of this 2-part sequence. We’ll start off with some shoulder warm-ups to get us ready for some blood-pumping sun salutations. These will get the arms and legs working (especially with some lunges thrown in the mix.) I also break down downward dog so you can find the perfect variation for you!
  • All Over Body Flow (30 Minutes)
    This 30-minute yoga sequence touches on a little bit of everything. Get your whole body…
  • Chill + Digest (20 Minutes)
    Join me on a slow yoga flow that helps digestion and gets things moving. We’ll…
  • Breezy Restorative Evening (25 Minutes)

    A breezy, sleepy flow with Rae for when you’re ready to wind down for the night. Loosen up the spine, hamstrings, shoulders and finish off with some gentle chest and hip openers.

  • Feel Good Flow (20 Minutes)
    A feel good flow with Rae (Cosmo the sleepy pooch and Orlie the bunny) for when you’re in need of a little tune-up. Stretch out your legs, hips, warm up the obliques and shoulders.

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