I offer movement classes that nourish your physical body, your psyche and soul. Here is a collection of free, creative classes inspired by yoga, flow arts, hoop dance, Pilates and low intensity interval training.

Chair Yoga for Shoulder Restrictions

Woohoo! My first chair yoga sequence. This yoga class is really gentle on the upper body for anyone who might have sensitive shoulders or injuries (after having separated my clavicle and two surgeries on my left shoulder, I know how it goes!) It still worked up a sweat and I felt great after teaching it.…

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Extra-Deep Hip Work

Join me (and a very playful Cosmo) on this 35-minute sequence. We’ll get nice and deep into the hips – one of the most important joints in the body and one of the first to give out on us as we age.

We’ll start off with some gentle spinal and shoulder warm-ups and then get into some deeper stretches and seated twists. We will end off on the ground in some juicy, deep hip and lower back work.

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Be Kind to Your Body: Movement Flow Class

We this start this class off nice, slow and sensual. We will be working on kind, creative sequences today. Vinyasa style yoga and sequences don’t need to be a heart-pounding workout, they don’t always have to look the same. The Sanskrit word ‘vinyasa’ can be translated to ‘sequence’, or “to place in a special way.”…

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Gentle Nourish Yoga Flow

This class starts off with a gentle, anxiety-easing meditation and some easy hip and upper body openers. We work our way into some slow and steady sun salutations. We don’t spend much time standing, and get into some relaxing supine twists and seated forward folds. We finish off with some pilates-inspired hip, thigh and glute…

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All-Over Vinyasa Flow (45 Min)

We start off this class with some pilates-inspired floor work, strengthening the glutes and hips. We’ll ease into some side-body openers, spinal warm-ups and work our way into a somewhat spicy vinyasa-style flow.

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Cool It Down

Join me during the “Cool It Down” portion of this 2-part sequence. You can begin here if you’re looking for a short, breezy sequence. We’ll start off on the ground opening up the side-body and shoulders. Then we’ll get into some deep leg stretches with straps. I’ll show you the affectionately named “banana” pose (more…

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Move it, Use it

Join me during the “Move It, Use It” portion of this 2-part sequence. We’ll start off with some shoulder warm-ups to get us ready for some blood-pumping sun salutations.

These will get the arms and legs working (especially with some lunges thrown in the mix.) I also break down downward dog so you can find the perfect variation for you!

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All Over Body Flow (30 Minutes)

This 30-minute yoga sequence touches on a little bit of everything. Get your whole body lubed and movin’ then polish it off with a juicy, relaxing meditation. We’ll start with some spinal and shoulder warm ups. Then work our way down the legs with gentle downward dogs, wide-legged forward folds and twists. Last, we’ll make…

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Chill + Digest (20 Minutes)

Join me on a slow yoga flow that helps digestion and gets things moving. We’ll start off with the aptly named wind-releasing pose, play around in Goddess squats, get into some twists and finish off with some gentle inversions. This chill, 20-minute sequence is accessible for all body types. Working with the breath helps to…

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