Coming into Power

I’ve lived with an incredible amount of resistance. After a dozen heart surgeries, the last thing I wanted was to be taken care of. I wanted to support myself, just function on my own, hold down a good job and be ok. I’m realizing though, I can’t do that when I’m…

White Elephant.

I’m in an Indigenous treatment centre, which is an honour and a blessing. I’ve always had a connection with Indigenous culture, art and traditions and respect First Nations people and all the trauma they’ve lived through. An Elder shared some wisdom to our group today, about how she’d gone to residential…

I went to rehab.

It’s incredible how long it’s been since I’ve written. I used to think drinking wine and smoking pot was like a magical bridge I could cross into the creative, imaginative realm. Then I started drinking bottles of wine on Go Trains in the bathroom – and surprise – I stopped writing…

smiling woman at the field

Screw Diet Culture, I’d rather Grow Tomatoes

Seriously. I’m tired of there being a “standard” way a human body should look, the way a “woman” should look. I’ve been inundated by images of pale, thin bodies and have been expected to think “this is what’s beautiful” my entire life and fuck it, I’m tired.

Creating Bhakti

Creativity is something we are all born with. It is the thing that makes being a human extraordinary. It’s the signature piece of human evolution.

What is Food Sovereignty and Why it’s Only Getting More Important

Hey! Do you eat food? I sure bet you do. Food sovereignty might seem like a strange, distant, foreign policy situation that you don’t have the time to understand. But guess what, it’s super relevant to you personally, it is to all of us. And it’s only getting more important.

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When You Want to Be Everyone and Become No One

Do you ever start to get that feeling, while diving into the dark mycelia of social media that you’re beginning to lose yourself, your Self with a capital S?

Harnessing a Daemon

It has many names. A spirit, a genius, intuition, your daemon. 

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