Meet Rae.

I live for creativity. Anything that involves your hands, heart and soul. That’s why I’ve always written, why I cook passionately and why I became a movement teacher.

I will happily spend a day away in the kitchen or nuzzled behind a computer spilling out my guts. My freedom and joy of expression is what propelled me to also become a movement and flow-based teacher, but not without a little bit of pain and a few hurdles to work through.

I was diagnosed at 18 with a life-changing heart disease called ARVC and told that I shouldn’t allow my heart rate to go past 140. I was also told I should get a device called an internal cardiac defibrillator (ICD) in case of sudden cardiac arrest. For the next decade, I endured over a dozen surgeries trying to find a place where a device the size of a digital camera would fit comfortably under my skin.

This isn’t common, the team of doctors who worked with me had never seen an ICD migrate or reject out of someone’s body as much as one had in mine. I was afraid to use my body freely, scared I might shift the ICD and need another surgery. To be perfectly honest, trauma informed my decision to become a movement teacher.

Through a lot of yoga, fun-lovin’ hula hooping, Pilates and Low Intensity Interval Training I worked through the kinks in my body, psyche and soul. I found true joy in movement again. With that knowledge, I offer a therapeutic approach to my movement classes. I know what it’s like to be injured or healing for long periods of time and to want, so so much in the depth of everything you are, to just be able to move your body and for it to feel good.

In 2019, I completed the 250 hour yoga teacher program at The Yoga Sanctuary in Toronto. This year, I’ll be graduating from Yogaspace’s 300 hour advanced teacher training. As a teacher, I offer a practice designed to make you feel good. My classes are not incredibly advanced or athletic, it’s for the average person. It’s for someone working through pain, injury and anxiety – which is all of us, at some point or another. Pain can also be mental and spiritual. My classes and one-on-one teachings help us to sit with those feelings and work through them, to move the energy around and use it.

With that passion for movement comes a passion for food, the two go hand in hand. We burn and we refuel. After movement, I want to nourish my body with clean, delicious energy. I take a conscious approach to what ingredients I’m choosing not only for heart health but for mental health as well. I have a life-long dedication to nutritional studies.

I offer culinary therapy, cooking classes and conscious kitchen workshops. I’m certified as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor by the Narayana Ayurveda + Yoga Academy in San Diego. I’ve also worked in restaurant kitchens as a cook and manager for over 10 years.

I’ve learned that spices and herbs are elixirs for health and incorporate my knowledge of food as medicine in all of my cooking. I like to make vegetables the star of my recipes although I think a variety of proteins (plant-based and not) are important in every meal. I also love to use fermentation to infuse probiotics in all of my dishes and drinks.

In a nutshell my life is food and movement, movement and food. And a bit of writing to tie it all together. My approach is simple: I want to share things that make you feel alive and well.

I learn from every single one of my students and I bring all of myself into every class I teach, every recipe I share and every word that I write. We can only teach from our own direct experiences and mine come straight from the heart.

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