Hey! I’m Rae.

I’m on a mission to heal the world.

I was diagnosed with a rare, genetic heart condition called ARVC when I was 19 and told my heart may stop beating at any time. Over a dozen surgeries later, I’m surviving, thriving and want to spread my love of yoga and holistic nutrition to everyone!

My life has been nothing short of colorful, and I’m not afraid to show my scars. Throughout the ups and downs, I found yoga. My movement and spiritual practice has been with me consistently, carrying me through all of life’s traumas.

I decided to become an advanced yoga teacher to help others find strength and comfort in their own bodies, no matter where they’re at. I’ve done yoga in stitches and in hospital beds. I’m here to remind you how to come home to yourself and find solace in your skin.

I’m also passionate about nutrition and eating in a way that heals not only yourself but your community and the planet. The key to health and happiness is fuelling our bodies with real food. (Which is easier said than done!)

I decided to become a holistic nutritionist so I can educate others on how to truly feel nourished. I think body-shaming, fat-shaming and diet culture all belong in the trash. I’m here to help you find abundance, healing and most importantly joy in your kitchen.

I’m currently in the midst of relocating across Canada to live in an authentic Mongolian yurt in the mountains of BC, to learn how to grow my own organic food and live as sustainably as possible.

Feel free to use the form below to contact me and learn more about how you can work with me one-on-one!

  • BA of Journalism + English Minor
    Ryerson University
  • Ayurveda Counselor
    San Diego College of Ayurveda
  • Advanced Holistic Nutritionist Diploma
    Nutraphoria (currently enrolled.)
  • 250-hour Yoga Alliance┬« registered Teacher Training, The Yoga Sanctuary
  • 300-hour advanced Yoga Alliance┬« registered Teacher Training, Yogaspace

If you really want to get to know me…

In 2089, the world looks abandoned and in tatters. While majority of the population was swept away by disease, Orlie’s little family survived on an isolated farm on the outskirts of Kansas. On her 18th birthday, Orlie finally breaks free on a solar-powered motorcycle in search of a mysterious festival.

With the help of some new friends, a home-brewed psychedelic beer (and maybe a puff of Blue Lotus) her entire concept of reality turns inside out. There is much more going on than she had ever dreamed of. While people come together like they never have before, Orlie discovers there may be something much darker than disease sweeping over what’s left of humanity.

Could her mind-bending visions find a way to put an end to it?