I smoke weed every day.

Any of my friends can attest. I dabbled a bit in high school and became more of a chronic user throughout my 20’s. Now that cannabis is becoming more legalized throughout Canada and the USA, I think it’s time all of us pot smokers started coming out of the woodworks.

Especially femme presenting people! I don’t give a hot damn if the patriarchy doesn’t think it’s ladylike. The weed industry has been a male-dominated market since well before legalization and I think all the femmes who light up should make themselves known. Women have used cannabis for centuries: not only does it mellow anxiety, help you sleep, restore your appetite, reduce nausea, heal pain, increase sexual gratification, induce states of flow, it also alleviates menstrual cramps. It’s medicine, bitches.

We have absolutely no problem normalizing getting drunk. I can’t tell you how many movies I’ve seen where the main premise is: mommy gets the night off and gets drunk with her friends, hilarity ensues. The whole Bad Mom, Wine Country, Bachelorette party shtick is getting fucking tiring to watch.

Where’s Pineapple Express but with Maya Rudolph and Retta? Where’s all the stoner girl comedy movies at? There are two: Smiley Face and Saving Grace (and in Smiley Face I’m pretty sure she’s fucking brain dead, not high.) Femmes who smoke pot have two movies, Weeds and a few shout outs from Broad City, that’s pretty much it. In a world of How High‘s, Half Baked‘s, Cheech and Chong‘s and Harold and Kumar‘s we are seriously underrepresented.

In case I didn’t make it clear: I love smoking weed. I used to be someone who thought that it was only fun to hike to the top of a hill when you had a beer to crack at the top. But smoking weed is so much nicer when you’re in the glory of nature, and it doesn’t tire me out the same way a few drinks would. The trees get a little more green, I become more attuned to the songs of the birds.

In the midst of trying to cut alcohol out of my life in a ‘rosé all day’ kind of world, I find weed is a really nice substitute in those sticky situations. And hey, I’m hoping I won’t need it to be a major part of my life forever. I’m just saying it’s ok to smoke pot!

young woman looking glamorous smoking cannabis joint alone on terrace

Maybe not everyone needs a high THC level, maybe they do. It’s a unique experience for each and every user and that’s what makes weed landslides better than alcohol. Weed doesn’t destroy your liver, it doesn’t make you black out. Long-term consumption of booze will destroy your heart, immune system and increase your risk of cancer.

Weed is non-toxic, you can’t overdose on it. Sure, you can green out and not have a very good time, which is often the result of inexperienced usage. If it’s your first time, try 5mg of medicated edibles from a reliable source and work your way up after a few hours of feeling the effects. If you want to try smoking, I recommend getting a low THC, high CBD flower and starting with a very skinny joint. Roll with thin, natural papers for the best experience.

Fact: a systematic review combined the results of six studies and found no association between lung cancer and habitual or long-term practice of smoking cannabis.

 International Journal of Cancer

Strains and CBD or THC strength varies widely based on growing techniques, curing, packing methods so it’s always best to smoke up with a veteran if it’s your first time. Which is all the more reason for us to normalize smoking pot with a dash of ‘Stoner Mom‘ vibes.

I’ve been trying to do more Vipassana style meditation, taught by S.N. Goenka. It’s meditation without all the bells and whistles, just being aware of the breath. The sensation of air going in and out of your nostrils, your belly rising and falling. There’s something extra special that happens when you combine mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, practicing yoga asana postures and cannabis – especially if you’re out in the sunshine. I high-ly recommend it.

In the Vedas, ancient Hindu texts, cannabis is one of the five essential healing plants. Some might say Lord Shiva was the OG pot smoker, he’s often been depicted smoking a chillum, or hash pipe, in 60’s imagery.

Shiva is the destroyer of illusion and ignorance, and this was known to be enhanced by cannabis. Vedic texts speak of Lord Shiva using weed to turn inwards and gain the ultimate mastery of his senses. During a common religious pilgrimage in India called Khumb Mela, hash gets passed around in chillums, smoke billowing towards the skies in honour of Shiva’s deepest philosophy – that which can destroy can also create.

So let’s create more content about smoking weed. It has been used and will continue to be used for the hundreds of benefits it can bring to our nervous systems (hello, 2020 trauma) and our mental health. Everyone’s definition of moderation is different, and nobody should ever feel shame for their weed game.

There are so many different ways these days to consume it, whether it’s gummies or vaping. Weed is a wonderful harm reduction approach to coming out of the pandemic to party – by cracking a can of THC infused bubbly or rolling a skinny joint to toke with your kombucha at the BBQ party. I’m a very big fan.

A special shout out to all women and femme-presenting, gender-bending queens who toke up. I wish we didn’t have to hide it or feel ashamed for smoking a medicine that’s been around since the dawn of (wo)man. Being a stoner doesn’t make you lazy. Women work hard and they should be able to smoke up and talk about it whenever they please. You can smoke pot and be responsible, smart and certainly more on point than you would be after a bottle of wine. Let’s bring weed to the forefront, men haven’t been feeling much shame about it so why should we?

In honour of all femmes normalizing pot I’ll leave you with a whole bunch of bad-ass bitches smoking that sticky-icky.


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