Exciting Announcement: We’re Moving to Newfoundland!

Big things are on the horizon. We’re planning something really, really huge and I can’t wait to start talking more about it.

I was born and raised in Toronto, trying to escape in various ways throughout my life either through travel, love or family. This city has shaped me. I’ve found so many colourful kindred spirits drifting through the endless canals of entertainment and culture this city has to offer. I found the love of my life here.

But, I’ve always felt drawn to a more natural lifestyle, as you can imagine from my posts. This year has created a huge shift in my outlook on life and what I want to do with it. (I’m sure it has for you too!)We’re currently in the midst of purchasing two yurts, one to live in and one to rent as an Airbnb. Our destination: East. To the ocean. To a place I’ve always felt drawn to, a place I’ve always had a wanderlust to explore my mother’s heritage more… Newfoundland.

There’s a lot of different ideas swirling around but we want to get our hands in the dirt. Our souls yearn for something a little less concrete, a little less loud. I know it will be an incredible, challenging transition from city life to our first attempts at homesteading. I want to learn to forage, make medicine, and listen to the intuitive calling I’ve had for years to dig deep into food sovereignty and what that really means in our day to day lives.

I’ve never hunted an animal, but I’ve eaten plenty, and I plan to learn how to have a real connection and gratitude for the animals we consume without a second thought. I want to learn to fish and preserve my own protein. Grow food and be challenged by cold climate permaculture and succeed. Forage wild berries, mushrooms, herbs. There’s a whole world of natural wonder I’ve been waiting to explore. And the embers in our guts are beginning to catch flame.

We’re gonna get fishing rods and an SUV. We’re gonna pack up our most important things and drive across the country with a U-Haul full of yurts and document all of it. It’s pretty big, and a little scary… and April is going to fly in fast after 5 months.

We’re starting up an Instagram @_downhomestead and a TikTok that will particularly be for this exciting new chapter!