Extra-Deep Hip Work

Join me (and a very playful Cosmo) in this 35-minute sequence. We’ll get nice and deep into the hips – one of the most important joints in the body and one of the first to give out on us as we age. We store so much emotion and tension in our hips and pelvic region and this class is perfect for releasing that tightness.

We’ll start off with some gentle spinal and shoulder warm-ups and then get into some deeper stretches and seated twists. We will end off on the ground in some juicy, deep hip and lower back work.

Working with the breath helps to calm the nervous system. Dropping into body awareness brings peace and dissolves anxiety. This sequence is perfect for anyone who wants to build inner and outer strength. Including those who have heart conditions, limited range of motion, injuries, are post-op or have implanted devices/hardware.