Be Kind to Your Body: Movement Flow Class

We this start this class off nice, slow and sensual. We will be working on kind, creative sequences today.

Vinyasa style yoga and sequences don’t need to be a heart-pounding workout, they don’t always have to look the same. The Sanskrit word ‘vinyasa’ can be translated to ‘sequence’, or “to place in a special way.”

We start by gently opening up our shoulders and warming up the spine. We work our way into some nourishing sun salutations, they get more creative as the class progresses. This is an all over body workout strengthening the glutes, thighs, upper body and core.

I also incorporate some deep wide-legged folds and fun scorpion variations. We’ll wind down into some cat-cows, shoulder stretches and chest openers and finish off with some juicy twists on the ground. If you enjoyed this be sure to like and subscribe for more classes.